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Cool Stuff

The Burnt Tattie

This Burnt Tattie is 5’11 x 21 x 2 ½ is an adaptation of the Fat Fish.

burnt tattie 1 Burnt tattie 2


It was the stand out board at all the shows – passersby seemed drawn to it as it was a nice fresh look.   The board gets this aesthetic by literally setting fire to the blank before glassing with Entropy Resin!!! I can see this being a popular effect for future boards.

burnt close up1

This new look is available for any board in the Driftwood range.  So get in touch if it is what you want for your next custom or indeed come to Newquay and build your own at one of our workshops.

Special edition cotton straps

Driftwood handplane cotton strap

Chris has been busy trying to make our handplane straps even better. This new strap is made from cotton webbing which is a natural fibre, rather than the nylon that is commonly used which uses more chemicals to produce. It’s just as strong and we really like the colour that compliments the handplane’s natural look and feel.


Driftwood’s new handplane strap design


We have recently been developing a brand new strap design for our handplanes. Why do I need a strap I hear you ask! The main advantages of having a strap on your handplane are:


CNC Chambered Surfboard – The future?

Chambered board top and bottom

One of David’s latest investigations into developing a more sustainable surfboard involved combining the relatively unknown yet ancient wood, Paulownia, and modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacture techniques.

Paulownia, known as the ‘tree of life’, is the perfect timber for surfboards as it is lightweight and strong, with good flex properties and does not rot in seawater. Managed correctly, it is said to be the strongest weight-to-strength timber available and the fastest growing hardwood.


Guest Shapes in wood – Nigel Semmens & Driftwood collaborate

Driftwood - CrunchieNS - Crunchie

We are very excited by our collaboration with well renowned shaper and friend of Dave’s, Nigel Semmens from Ocean Magic. We can offer a unique service at Driftwood Surfboards, that is you can order your favourite Ocean Magic shape and get in made in wood. We are working with a number of shapers to try and expand this and get more guest shapes made from timber.

When you see guest shapes on our website now you know what we are on about.

Here you can see NS Crunchie made from local cedar timber…

NS Crunchie