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Special edition cotton straps

Driftwood handplane cotton strap

Chris has been busy trying to make our handplane straps even better. This new strap is made from cotton webbing which is a natural fibre, rather than the nylon that is commonly used which uses more chemicals to produce. It’s just as strong and we really like the colour that compliments the handplane’s natural look and feel.


Surf Shaper trailer

Check out this trailer on Dave and Driftwood Surfboards. It’s got some footage from yesteryear back in the days of the shed, and gives you a little info on what we are about. Stay tuned for the full length documentary out soon. Big thanks to Liv Williams, the director, who is running some cool projects over at

Dropping off the Shelterbox Board

Shelterbox Driftwood

We recently popped down to Shelterbox HQ in Helston to hand over the long awaited surfboard that had been raffled at the Shelterbox Christmas ball back in December.

The lucky winner of the board was Louie Bowers, a graphic designer from London, and she was amped when she found out.


Raising money for Shelterbox with a piece of Driftwood

Shelterbox poster

Its been a rough year, in which Mother Nature has battered the world we live in: from the largest hurricane in history hitting America to Tsunamis in Japan and Earthquakes in New Zealand. Throughout all these disasters, Shelterbox has continued to give assistance where its needed, when its needed, day or night all around the globe.

I’m delighted to give a little to help such a great cause. I will be building a surfboard from a driftwood log washed up on Perranporth beach several years ago, along with some reclaimed cedar cladding from an aged building recently taken down in a Redruth school yard. Feel free to follow the board being built from scratch on this blog.

The board will be shaped by myself David Forsyth founder of Driftwood Surfboards. The board will finally be raffled with all proceeds donated to Shelterbox.

Stay tuned to find out what the finished boards look like once they’ve had a nice lick of glass…

Driftwood - making the Shelterbox board


M.C.Escher board in British Museum of Surfing

“A stunning work of art and a functional surfboard created in the finest traditions of British craftsmanship. David Forsyth’s work would stand the test on a world stage.” Peter Robinson, founder of the Museum of British Surfing


The Escher board was designed and constructed by David Forsyth, the founder of Driftwood Surfboards. The board was made using a contemporary adaption of, the legendary surfing pioneer, Tom Blake’s water sled from the 1930’s. (more…)