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The Gassor Original

John Gassor chose to have a fully custom board. Through the whole build stage we discussed wood choice, shape and the fine details like nose and tail blocks. Here it is, the Gassor Original.

gassor deck gassor bottom

John picked the board up at the weekend of Boardmasters and before the maiden voyage we shared a bottle of bubbly at Watergate bay.

maiden voyage

John was real stoked with the finished product and we even made a matching hand plane from the left over timber.  The board is made from Paulownia and black walnut.  The shape is a fun gun so it works well in waist to chest but comes alive when over head plus.   It’s a 2 + 1 setup with glassed in CNC milled fins using the offcuts laminated together from the deck and bottom.



It’s a great feeling passing on a nice new board to a happy customer.

Dropping off the Shelterbox Board

Shelterbox Driftwood

We recently popped down to Shelterbox HQ in Helston to hand over the long awaited surfboard that had been raffled at the Shelterbox Christmas ball back in December.

The lucky winner of the board was Louie Bowers, a graphic designer from London, and she was amped when she found out.


…Into the workshop!

It’s been about a month since we moved into the new workshop right next to Seabase in Treloggan Industrial Estate, Newquay. The workshop used to be one of Seabase’s shaping units so its fair to say it was a little dusty due to all that foam cutting!


The space is around 900 sq/ft and felt a lot bigger when we first moved in. We have been busy over the last month clearing everything out, painting, scrubbing and building our new ‘man cave’. We are nearly there now and even have a mezzanine to store all the that wood, fancy I know. She is shaping up nicely and now the machines are in its time to starting building boards.


Here are some pictures showing our progress. If your around the area pop up for a cuppa and check it out.

Workshop progress 01

Workshop progress 02

Out of the shed…


The time has come for Driftwood Surfboards to move out of Dave’s trusty garden shed in Redruth into a new purpose-built workshop in Newquay. It’s exciting times at Driftwood, but we thought we should have a little tribute to the shed that gave birth to most of the boards we have on this site at the moment. Many an hour and late night Dave has spent cooped up in the shed and considering it’s humble size, and the size of some of the boards he’s produced in there, its quite impressive.


Here are a couple of the best snaps we have of Dave and his beloved shed. Looking forward it’s ‘Out of the shed, into the workshop!’ Yeeeew!

CNC Chambered Surfboard – The future?

Chambered board top and bottom

One of David’s latest investigations into developing a more sustainable surfboard involved combining the relatively unknown yet ancient wood, Paulownia, and modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacture techniques.

Paulownia, known as the ‘tree of life’, is the perfect timber for surfboards as it is lightweight and strong, with good flex properties and does not rot in seawater. Managed correctly, it is said to be the strongest weight-to-strength timber available and the fastest growing hardwood.