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Driftwood’s new handplane strap design


We have recently been developing a brand new strap design for our handplanes. Why do I need a strap I hear you ask! The main advantages of having a strap on your handplane are:

– Avoids you losing it in the sea. It can be easy to let go of your plane in bigger surf and although they float they can be tricky to locate in the white water.

– Gives you more maneuverability and control for turning on the wave, with less drag.

– The ladder lock buckle design is superior to other straps because it allows you to change hands quickly and easily.

We worked with Christopher Cardy, who is currently studying Performance Sportswear Design at Falmouth University, to develop the strap through numerous prototypes and testing. He did a great job and we are really happy with the end result. Here are some images to show you how easy it is to use.staps


These strapping straps are now available on our new range of handplanes, and you can even just buy the strap and pop it on your current hanplane or one you made yourself. We will soon be revealing more handplaning options so stay tuned…

Driftwood Handplane Strap design