• Vents

Stainless steel vents

Our wooden surfboards are hollow so a vent must be fitted to relieve the internal pressure. Not happy with the available vents on the market we designed and manufactured our own right here in the UK.

Included in the kit

  • Female part with lip so that the vent and bolt will be flush with the deck of your surfboard.  Knurled so the epoxy has a better bond to the timber, M8 female thread
  • Male hollowed bolt with cross drill.  The bolt only needs to be loosened 2 turns to relieve pressure so you wont loose the bolt. (a common problem with other vents.  Available with 3mm Allan head or coin operated slot (select your preference from drop down menu) M8 thread
  • Nitrile o ring to provide water tight seal
  • Fitting instructions
  • Allan key if Allan head is selected
  • volume discounts apply
  • If you travel with your board be sure to remove the vent too

Always loosen the vent when the surfboard is not in use and be sure to tighten it before you go into the water.


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