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CNC Chambered Surfboard – The future?

Chambered board top and bottom

One of David’s latest investigations into developing a more sustainable surfboard involved combining the relatively unknown yet ancient wood, Paulownia, and modern computer numerically controlled (CNC) manufacture techniques.

Paulownia, known as the ‘tree of life’, is the perfect timber for surfboards as it is lightweight and strong, with good flex properties and does not rot in seawater. Managed correctly, it is said to be the strongest weight-to-strength timber available and the fastest growing hardwood.


Raising money for Shelterbox with a piece of Driftwood

Shelterbox poster

Its been a rough year, in which Mother Nature has battered the world we live in: from the largest hurricane in history hitting America to Tsunamis in Japan and Earthquakes in New Zealand. Throughout all these disasters, Shelterbox has continued to give assistance where its needed, when its needed, day or night all around the globe.

I’m delighted to give a little to help such a great cause. I will be building a surfboard from a driftwood log washed up on Perranporth beach several years ago, along with some reclaimed cedar cladding from an aged building recently taken down in a Redruth school yard. Feel free to follow the board being built from scratch on this blog.

The board will be shaped by myself David Forsyth founder of Driftwood Surfboards. The board will finally be raffled with all proceeds donated to Shelterbox.

Stay tuned to find out what the finished boards look like once they’ve had a nice lick of glass…

Driftwood - making the Shelterbox board