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The Gassor Original

John Gassor chose to have a fully custom board. Through the whole build stage we discussed wood choice, shape and the fine details like nose and tail blocks. Here it is, the Gassor Original.

gassor deck gassor bottom

John picked the board up at the weekend of Boardmasters and before the maiden voyage we shared a bottle of bubbly at Watergate bay.

maiden voyage

John was real stoked with the finished product and we even made a matching hand plane from the left over timber.  The board is made from Paulownia and black walnut.  The shape is a fun gun so it works well in waist to chest but comes alive when over head plus.   It’s a 2 + 1 setup with glassed in CNC milled fins using the offcuts laminated together from the deck and bottom.



It’s a great feeling passing on a nice new board to a happy customer.